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Organizational structure

Structurally, the CBJ organization has three components: a 30-member Steering Committee made up of attorneys who concentrate in different fields of law but who, for the most part, engage in a litigation practice to some extent; a Citizens Review Board consisting of an equal number of community-minded citizens drawn from the ranks of business, labor, government, education, medicine, mental health, as well as other civic and religious leaders; and an Advisory Board comprised of past CBJ chairpersons and the current chairs of the steering committee and the review board. Diversity of membership is sought in all respects. Past and current members include University professors, the Jefferson County Police Chief, the Principal of Central High School, the President of the Jefferson County Medical Society, the President of the U of L Student Government, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and the Presidents of several local unions, businesses, banks, professional and non-profit organizations, among others. Over the years, there has been active and dedicated participation on the part of members of all components of Citizens for Better Judges, which has contributed significantly to the reputation, longevity and success of the organization.

[Note: The above is an adaptation of an article authored by Mr. Goyette for publication in the 1991-92 edition of The Kentucky Journal
(Kentucky Center for Public Issues)]

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