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What is Citizens For Better Judges?


 Citizens For Better Judges was organized in January, 1983, in an effort to maintain and improve the quality of the judiciary by promoting the election of only the most highly qualified judicial candidates. It consists of a 30-member Steering Committee made up of lawyers who are all involved in litigation practice but concentrate in different fields of law, and a Citizens Review Board consisting of a cross-section of community-minded citizens with diverse occupations and backgrounds. Additionally, the organization has an Advisory Board made up of the past chairs of Citizens For Better Judges.


Each candidate for judicial office is personally interviewed by the Steering Committee. After the interviews have been completed, the Steering Committee members consider the information obtained during the interviews and share their personal knowledge of the candidates. Lay members of the Citizens Review Board are present to monitor the interviews and the integrity of the endorsement process. The Citizens Review Board must approve the endorsements recommended by the Steering Committee.

Statement of purpose

We commit ourselves to the proposition that the public is entitled to a  competent, conscientious and professional judiciary. The members of Citizens for  Better Judges (“CBJ”) dedicate their time, energy and financial resources toward that purpose. CBJ is intended to remove the financial and organizational considerations that discourage legitimate candidates from pursuing election to the bench. CBJ will eliminate partisan politics, personal affiliation and vested self-interest as factors in the election of our judiciary. 


The Steering Committee of CBJ will follow procedures which will result in the endorsement of the most qualified candidate in each judicial election. The members of the Steering Committee represent a cross-section of the litigation Bar. All members of  CBJ will have a voice in the endorsement. 


We solicit the support and membership of all similarly minded persons.

Dated this 6th day of January, 1983, as amended on September 28, 1995.

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